The ultimate foundation course for all singers in classical and pop

Your problem

You finally want to know all you need to „learn to sing” and have had enough of hearing different advice from everyone you ask?

You want to finally get things straight in your mind and take your vocal development into your own hands?

My solution

Then this is the course for you, because here, you will find comprehensive information on the most important aspects of singing.

You will learn all about singing in the basic music styles, classical and pop: The musical, linguistic and vocal aspects of singing and what pitfalls you need to avoid, especially when choosing a singing teacher.

Why me?

Probably you are now wondering – and rightly so – who is telling you all this. That is something you should always do, especially if you are choosing a singing teacher you want to be able to trust.

My name is Matthias Ernst Holzmann. I am owner of this website and I have been singing since 1984 (when I was 19). Since 1995, I have been singing as a professional opera chorus singer, even though I started with pop music and still continue to sing pop.

You can find more Info, including details of my career as a speaker, on my main website:

Course structure

The course is structured as follows: 01. Introduction; 02. Who is this course for?; 03. This course will change you; 04. Let’s begin; 05. If you have a singing teacher; 06. Develop your personality!; 07. Can you actually learn to sing?; 08. Do you actually want to learn to sing?; 09. What exactly do you want to achieve?; 10. Are you ready to take some criticism?; 11. What is singing actually? – The essence of singing; 12. Singing in the comfortable middle range; 13. Marking correctly; 14. The voice; 15. Learning to sing vs. learning to play an instrument; 16. How to warm up correctly; 17. Using recordings for self-monitoring; 18. How does what sound when? – assessing your recordings correctly; 19. Dangers and limitations of self-monitoring; 20. High loudness and good sound; 21. The loudness war; 22. Voice projection; 23. Voice types and how to find yours; 24. Intonation; 25. Listening and sound perception; 26. Different forms of vocalization; 27. Vocal overload; 28. Musicality and virtuosity; 29.Music as a political issue; 30. Beware of loudness-mania!; 31. Closing remarks

Course objectives

  • Overview of the „learn to sing” course
  • Learn to sing independently
  • Avoid detours and blind alleys
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Become independent as an artist
  • Learn to understand all aspects of singing
  • Suss out the singing teachers
Jetzt singen lernen!


You can enroll on the course for a single fee of $ 97 !

Singing - What you need to know - online video course