Inhale the voiceInhale the voice? You what?

Inhalare la voce (the usual misspelling, actually it should be “inalare la voce”, “inhale the voice”) is a subjective description of an extremely minimal use of air during singing, combined with an extremely relaxed/low larynx.

Since the body mostly absorbs oxygen during exhalation, the singer has the subjective feeling that he is breathing in, although in fact he is, of course, breathing out. Speaking during inhalation is not what is meant by „inhalare la voce“!

Voice pure

The „inhalare la voce sound“ consists „of voice only“. There is no “wild” air, no rustling, and no noise, but instead, very many overtones and a very pure sound.

But if used exclusively, I find it rather boring. Even in classical singing, breathy sounds are occasionally needed – all the more so in rock and pop.

Due to the resulting economy of air consumption, it is possible to sing very long phrases on one breath, without having to breathe again in between.

The „inhalare la voce sound“ is a healthy sound.

The edges of the vocal folds work without any pressure and massage each other microscopically. So you will not only not become hoarse, you can even „massage away“ existing damage to the mucosa. Of course, this can only work if you can do it and know what you’re doing.

And how can I achieve it?

The throat is low, as in a yawn, groan or sigh, but without active fixation. Therefore, „Inhalare la voce“ is an absolutely natural process.

The moment you apply any force or pressure, the voice is no longer relaxed and „inhalare la voce” becomes impossible.

What about in pop, jazz and rock?

In my experience „inhalare la voce“ hardly plays a role in pop, rock or jazz, because the corresponding sound is rarely used in this context and is usually unpopular, being incompatible with the auditory expectations of most pop or rock fans. It sounds too impersonal or too “arty”.

But even if that’s true for the pop, jazz or rock music of today, it doesn’t necessarily have to stay that way. Maybe you will be the one to establish this healthy sound in these styles of music!

„Inhalare la voce“ is also mostly used for the higher and louder sounds. In „microphone singing“ in the lower and middle register, on the other hand, it is hardly used – if at all.


“Inhalare la voce” is healthy, physically highly effective and the basis for good opera singing.
So ask yourself every day the question: Have you already inhaled today?